The Gathering: Greetings from the Irish in Australia

The Gathering: Greetings from the Irish in Australia

An international collaborative project

The Gathering: Greetings from the Irish in Australia is a celebration of Irishness through a global and cross-cultural lens. The objective of the project is to invite disparate, inspired thinkers, guest artists and academics living in Australia to engage and respond to the brief: What does Irishness mean whether at home or away? In the form of a self-published book a series of responses: visual imagery, poetry, text, multimedia, digital and interactive mediums will form an anthology that reflects a ‘glocal’ response to cultural Ireland, its history and legacy of mass migration.

As a form of visual anthropology, this book will contribute to the shaping of brand Ireland through the formation of neo narratives that reconnect ‘our stories’ across physical and psychological borders. The book and its contents will showcase the creative nature of cultural Irelands capacity to reimagine and celebrate the creative spirit that pulsates in past and present Irish history.

The intention of the project is not to fetishize Irishness but to engage with the national and cultural psyche of the country, particularly, in a time when Ireland is undergoing political, social and economic change. Greetings from the Irish in Australia is a creatively innovative project, which extends the connection of all things Irish towards a contemporary and discursive conversation in mediated space. It is our hope to exhibit the book in Ireland’s The Oireachtas during the year of The Gathering, 2013.